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    Fire & Flood Services

    We provide a Nationwide One Stop Shop solution.

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    One Stop Shop

    Comprehensive cleaning, decontamination & rebuilding service to our clients nationwide.

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    Specialist Services

    Decontamination expertise and rebuilding resources.

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    Project Management

    We take the stress out of damage repairs.

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    Fire Damage

    We have specialist chemicals and equipment to remove soot and smoke contamination from building structures

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    Flood Damage

    Specialist drying equipment to ensure the property structure is ready to be rebuilt.

Fire & Flood Services provides a comprehensive cleaning, decontamination and rebuilding service following fire damage, smoke damage, flood damage and  water damage.

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Specialist chemicals and equipment to remove soot and smoke.

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Water from a burst or leaking pipe can cause significant damage to the building structure.

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Odour control is achieved by the use of an ozone generator.

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